been thinking...

And now for something I like to think of as: The Bedroom, Where We Sleep.

I love this room a lot because for a long time it was a real hellhole. Half painted, no storage, depressing window coverings, piles of laundry.  Now, everything is solved but the laundry!

Necks were nearly broken in the hanging of this giant antler. But WORTH IT, right?


  1. russann said: love the colors…is that grey or brown?
  2. chaptertwelve said: Looks fantastic! I love that gray color.
  3. italicsmine said: Beautiful!
  4. meaghano said: aw i love those dressers. i still don’t know what to paint our bedroom. It is currently an inherited grandma baby blue. sigh.
  5. michelle-said said: beyoooooooootiful!
  6. monsterbeard said: Whoever lives here should be featured on some sort of awesome decorating show
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